Celine, a wandering peddler and repairman, joins the Mimi Garden Museum magazine
Celine is a wandering hawker and repairman from the permafrost-covered phantom city of Agniati in the north.

Size: 1/12 scale (Size about: 15 cm)
Head: Newly modeled PVC head
Body: Piconeemo D / Sister (White)
Set contents: Doll body, Celine repair craftsman's clothing set (jacket, dress, boots, socks, shorts), 2 types of hair parts set, 4 types of facial parts, 5 types of hand parts * All include the main body
Costume design: Takeda Rarisa Tago
Head prototype / coloring production: Aoi Hiiragi (Fuyuzora Gothic)
Body prototype production: Sawada Kobo


By Azone International

1/12 Mimy Garden Naturalis Historia Selene Complete Doll