All aboard for lots of fun and excitement with Animal Crossing chocolate eggs from Furuta and Nintendo. In every Furuta Animal Crossing box, you’ll find a variety of Animal Crossing characters, and you can use them to play a game – if you can hold off on scarfing them down, of course! There’s a game on the side of the box that you can play every time you enjoy a snack. Collect all Furuta choco eggs so that you can find all the characters.

All Aboard for Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a popular Nintendo game that lets you build and decorate your own character and island and interact with other players. We have plenty of Animal Crossing merchandise, including sweet treats such as the Animal Crossing chocolate eggs. In addition, the Animal Crossing series offers different scenarios for playing and advancing to the next level.

Chocolate Eggstravaganza

Furuta’s Animal Crossing chocolate eggs are sweet and delicious. They’re also fun to eat because you’ll discover popular Animal Crossing characters in every box! If you’ve never tasted a Furuta choco egg, you don’t know what you’re missing


You will receive one individually sealed and randomly packed blind egg package.

Furuta Choco Egg Animal Crossing