As seen in the new "Neon Genesis Evangelion" theatrical film, this NXEDGE STYLE figure of the EVA Unit-01 is ready for night combat! It's made with clear purple parts, and it's armed with its new 440mm gatling gun; a building to store pallet rifles is also included. Its umbilical cable can be connected,and it also comes with its progressive knife and positron gun. 

Figure Size: Approximately 10cm tall

Materials: ABS, PVC

Set Contents:

  • Main figure
  • Interchangeable hands (x2, 1 each left and right)
  • Interchangeable jaw parts
  • Progressive knife
  • Pallet gun
  • Positron gun
  • Umbilical cable set
  • Armament storage building
  • 440mm gatling gun
  • Stage set for display

NXEDGE STYLE EVA UNIT Night Combat Ver. Action Figure Evangelion Unit-01