"Nothing is impossible for a Witch!"

The popular characters from the 'Strike Witches' anime series, movie, novels and manga are joining the minimum factory series! The second to join the ranks of the 1/20th scale plastic model kits is the reliable commander of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing - Mio Sakamoto!

The model kit has parts separated into different colours, meaning that just putting the model together looks great even without the need for paint. Decals for her eye and eyepatch are included, as well as decals for various other markings. Her Strike Unit is the 'Shiden Kai 5th Model', and she is equipped with a modified Type 99-2 Model Two 13mm machine gun in her right hand and her Reppumaru sword in her left hand. A special stand to display her flying is also included.

Size: Approx. H90mm

Manufacturer: Max Factory

PLAMAX MF-06: minimum factory Mio Sakamoto "1/20 Plastic Model"