This is a set of optional parts for modifying or detailing robot and other science-fiction kits.


Power up your D.C. Super Robot collection with this new item! This weapon set pays tribute to the Jumbo Machinder robot toys that were a huge hit in 1970s. The Secret Super Weapons that can be attached to the arm of the D.C. Super Robots have been updated to Chogokin Tamashii specifications with die-cast parts and current manufacturing techniques! These weapons feature a common joint standard to the D.C. robot figure series, so you can attach these 6 secret weapons to your D.C. Super Robots in various ways. Each super weapon features a built-in action gimmick, too. The display base features a statue of Mazinger Z in Jumbo Machinder style; you can display some of the weapons attached to his arms, or show them all off mounted to the base in front of Mazinger Z! A Hover Pilder is also included, which can be installed on your own Mazinger Z D.C. (not included, sold separately).


Includes the following:


XX-1 Rocket Punch -- Mazinger Z's secret weapon -- both arms are ejected with springs!


XX-2 Photon Power Flame Gun -- When you turn the knob at the top of the gun, a clear red part that looks like photon energy appears!


XX-3 Rapid Firing 6-Line Missiles -- Two sets that can be worn on both arms, ejects three missiles each!


XX-4 Light Speed Destruction Disk -- Press the trigger to eject the disk!


XX-5 Strange Magnetic Arm -- Telescopic arm with a built-in real magnet; it can absorb Grendizer's enemy mecha "Mini Four."


XX-6 Megaton Crane -- Wind up the chain and lift the megaton ball! Two types of megaton balls are included: 5,000 tons and 100,000 tons!


Materials: Die-cast, ABS


Set Contents:


XX-1 Rocket Punch (left and right)

XX-2 Photon Power Flame Gun

XX-3 Rapid Firing 6-Line Missile (left and right)

Triple missile warhead (x6)

XX-4 Light Speed Destruction Disk

Injection disk

XX-5 Strange Magnetic Arm

Mini Four

XX-6 Megaton Crane

100,000 ton megaton ball

5,000 ton megaton ball

Display base

Mazinger Z-type statue

Hover Pilder

Soul of Chogokin GX-XX01 D.C. Series Compatible XX Plan Secret Super Weapon Set